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Fungal Nails


Fungal nails are a common cause of nail discolouration and may cause the nail to look unsightly or become weakened and crumble. At The Chiropody Surgery we were the first in the world to offer the "Clearanail" technique - a painless and effective way to remove fungus from within the nail without the need for tablets or expensive laser treatments.

Problem Nails
We offer treatment and advice for a range of nail problems including thickened and discoloured nails. Fortunately, most of these nail problems can be managed easily (and painlessly) by your podiatrist leaving your feet feeling and looking better. For ingrowing toe nails we can also undertake nail surgery to remove ingrowing toe nails. This is performed painlessly under a local anaesthetic (see below). 


Routine Care


"We take pride in providing a comprehensive treatment including nail care, reduction of any hard skin and personalised individual foot care advice."

Michelle, Practice Owner & Podiatrist




Ingrowing Toe nails


These can be a persistant source of pain and discomfort. We can undertake nail surgery to remove ingrowing toe nails. This is performed painlessly under a local anaesthetic.

Verrucae (warts)


Infection of the skin with the Human Papilloma Virus causes warts, a common problem on the foot. Verrucae can be painful, unsightly and difficult to get rid of. At The Chiropody Surgery we offer a range of treatments for these stubborn lesions including the brand new SWIFT system. SWIFT is a new medical device indicated for general use in podiatry and dermatology. Here at the surgery we are using it to treat warts and to accelarate their clearance. We were the first clinic in the world to use this system. 

Foot Pain / Orthotics / Gait Analysis


Foot and heel pain is a condition which can make life miserable - whether your a keen sportsperson or just wanting to be free of discomfort. There are many conditions which can lead to foot pain and so a thorough assessment is required. This can include a full foot and ankle examination using computerised gait analysis. For further information, please contact Louis Mamode at the Highcliffe Medical Centre, 248 Lymington Road, Highcliffe. Telephone: 01425 272 203

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