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April is Foot health Month!

This month is "Foot Health Month" and Spring is definitely the time that feet re-emerge from their winter shoes to more open-toed footwear. At the Chiropody Surgery this is the time of year when we are particularly busy as feet come out of their hibernation, ready for the sunnier days ahead as their owners are keen to help them look (and feel) their best. So, can we offer you some top tips? Have a look at some of our recommendations on helping your feet look good for the summer months.

1. Look at your feet as much as you do your face. Get to know what they look like! Rarely do we take time to inspect and check our feet, yet the early signs of trouble can often be seen (or felt) and with so many things, the early it is treated the better the outcome. If you notice any problems, then see your podiatrist.

2. Don’t forget that your feet are like your hands and need a regular moisturiser. Apply a urea-based moisturiser to your feet daily to help keep the skin soft and supple. That regular application of a urea-based cream prevents the development of calluses and cracked heels, the most common foot problems we see at the clinic.

3. Change your foot wear regularly. So often we tend to stick to our old favourites from the shoe rack. Changing your footwear regularly can reduce the risk of my foot problems, particularly if you have sweaty feet as shoes need time to dry out.

4. Cutting your Nails. When cutting your nails, do this after a bath or shower when the nails are softer. Also, remember to cut them straight across and keep out of the corners as incorrect cutting can lead to a painful in-growing toe nail. Finish them off with a gentle file to leave them smooth and looking at their best.

5. If you notice discolouration appearing at the ends of your toenails, it could mean you have a fungal nail infection which can spread throughout the whole nail and to other toes. The earlier it’s diagnosed the easier it is to treat so don’t leave it!

6. If you are a regular user of nail varnish on your toenails always ensure you remove all of the polish before re-applying the next coat. Residual nail varnish can cause the nail surface to dry out causing roughening and discolouration, eventually becoming flaky and weakened. If you can, take a few days break from varnishing and apply a nail moisturiser to add water back into your nails.

7. If you have any concerns, see your podiatrist. Podiatrists are highly trained foot specialists who can advise and treat on a whole range of foot problems and you don’t need a referral from your doctor to see one. If you have any concerns, call us to make an appointment – we are happy to help! Call us on (01590) 672443.

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