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A new antiseptic in the fight against infection

Everyday on the news we hear about the risk of infections in hospitals and that antibiotics are no longer effective as they were. In our clinic, its important that we are able to reduce the risk of infection for our patients who may have problems on their feet. This month at the Chiropody Surgery we have started to use a new product, developed in the UK, which is proving to be very effective in the fight against infection.

We have all heard the saying on the advert “Domestos – kills all known germs” and it’s true that bleach can do this but obviously it’s not something we could ever use on ourselves as its very toxic and corrosive. However, scientists have been developing a new product which has the bug killing power of bleach without the nasty side effects.

This new antiseptic uses a form of hypochlorous acid. This is a very weak acid but has the ability to kill bacteria, fungus and virus very rapidly. The best part is that despite its germ-killing power it is virtually harmless to the skin. Making it an excellent antiseptic to use. Studies have shown it to be more rapid and effective at killing bugs than current our antiseptics. Best of all because it kills so rapidly, there is no risk of resistance – which is the real threat to our society. Because of its skin friendly chemistry it doesn’t sting or stain, even when used on broken skin and after it has worked it just degrades to water. Best of all it doesn’t smell like germolene! Ask about Clinisept+ on your next visit to the clinic.

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