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The most comfortable shoes now available in Lymington!

Tina in Navy Blue

Earlier this year I was attending a podiatry conference in Cardiff when I was introduced to a new shoe company - Joya Shoes. As a podiatrist I see a lot of new shoes every year, but these were different. I was told these were the softest and most comfortable shoes available. I didn't believe it until I tried them on and then I believed. I became a fan, bought some and now love my shoes from Joya.

So whats so good about them? Finest Swiss design but underfoot, every one of their range has super soft soles that cushion your feet making it a joy to walk around in them. The clever Swiss design also means if you have insole or shoe inserts (orthotics) there is always room to accommodate these and still keep your feet comfortable.

After speaking with the company, I am pleased to announce that the Joya range of shoes is now available in Lymington from Coastal Shoes found at 40 High Street, Lymington. If you are looking for a pair of quality and comfortable shoes, these maybe just what the podiatrist ordered.

The official website with the full range can be found here.

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