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Unsightly fungal nails?

Toenails are perhaps not the most glamorous part of our body, but its good to show them off whenever possible. Unfortunately, toenail problems are a common problem. Most often at the chiropody surgery we see nails which have been damaged or are thickened. This is most often due to the effects of tight shoes over the years or damage to the toenail through stubbing etc.,

If you are prone to athletes foot, then the damaged nail maybe susceptible to infection by the fungus. The first thing you may notice is discolouration, crumbling or the nail becomes distorted. If this does appear, then its always good to get this checked out as treatment sooner rather than later is often more successful.

At the Chiropody Surgery, we can accurately test your nails for the presence fungus in just five minutes and from there, give you the best advice on how to manage it as there are a number of ways of doing this depending on the extent of the nail damage.

In the early stages, the simple application of a nail solution may be all that is required to shift the infection. At the Chiropody Surgery, we use a product called "Emtrix" and we are pleased to announce that this is now available for purchase at the surgery. This product is not available in pharmacies.

Please ask our podiatrists for further information

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