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Keeping the cold away

Keeping you feet warm in the colder weather can feel like an uphill struggle during winter but some simple advice can be helpful. If you are out and about on a cold day, think about your feet. A lot of heat can be lost through your feet as heat is conducted away through thin soles especially when standing on a cold pavement. The answer? Firstly, avoid leather soled shoes. There was a time when leather was considered to be the best material for shoes but it probably isn't.

Leather, although its repairable, is not good at keeping heat in your feet and so wearing a leather soled shoe means the heat moves quickly from your feet leaving you feeling cold. So, when you are out wear a show with a synthetic sole. Not only are these more flexible and (less slippery than leather) but they actually keep the heat in your heat!

Primark Thermal Insole

In addition, we would also recommend thermal insoles for your shoes if you are chilblain-prone or have poor circulation in your toes. Our recommended best-buy is from Primark. They sell these insoles for just £1 a pair! They are not the best probably for shock absorption but they really keep the heat in your feet.

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