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Keynote at UK National Conference

ivan bristow podiatrist at conference

Earlier this month in Liverpool, at the the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Annual Conference, our podiatrist Ivan Bristow was invited to give a keynote lecture to the 1500 delegates packed into the auditorium at the ACC in Liverpool. The topic of his talk was to remind podiatrists that skin cancer can affect feet too! When we think of skin cancer we often think of the sun, sunburn and protecting our skin with sun block.

Skin cancer can affect the feet, which often comes as a surprise to most people. And, like most cancers it always best if its detected early. As podiatrists regularly see their patients they are ideally placed to look for any changes and take the appropriate action.

Previously, Ivan had published guidelines for health care professionals in a major medical journal. The article has now been downloaded over 100 000 times and translated into other languages.

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