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Blisters and the feet

friction blister on the heel

Blisters are a common problem on the foot and can be very painful relative to their size or location, particularly on the feet. Most are caused by the simple forces generated when walking - friction and shear. A shoe that is too tight (or too loose) can rub the skin with each footstep leading to the collection of fluid in the outer layer of the skin - which we call a blister. Feet which are damp through sweating or getting wet are more at risk from the problem too. Interestingly, not everybody gets blisters - some people will blister very easily whereas other may never suffer with them at all. This is often an inherited trait.

The best form of treatment for blisters is prevention. At the Chiropody Surgery in Lymington we are currently assessing a new anti-blister prevent gel. You simply apply this to your feet and it drys to form an invisible film on the skin which reduces the friction between you and your shoes. But how can you prevent them?

Prevention Tips:

1. Keep you feet dry. If they sweat a lot try an antiperspirant spray or use foot powder.

2. Make sure that your shoes fit well. A shoe that rubs will always rub so it maybe time to keep rid of the offending pair!

3. If you are running or get blisters when out walking remember there are anti-blister socks you can buy which help reduce the risk. Alternatively, a cheaper way is to wear two pairs of socks with talc in between the two.

4. An anti-blister gel maybe useful if you just get rubbed feet in one or two particular areas on your feet.

Ask us about the anti-blister gel and give it a try!

If you are interested about learning more on how to prevent blisters on your feet, particularly if you are a runner, read the Australian Blister Blog written by Australian Podiatrist Rebecca Rushton.

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