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The sun is out, but are your feet?

As we move into May towards the summer, the weather gets better and the sun comes out but how do you feel about getting your feet out and showing them off in those summer sandals? This may be something that you are not in a hurry to do. One of the most common symptoms we see at the chiropody surgery is unsightly nails. If you have noticed your nails becoming thicker that is, unfortunately, normal as we age but colour changes in the nail are often the sign of something else.

fungal nail

The most common cause of colour change in the nails is fungal infection. In fact, it’s so common around 10% of the UK adult population have it. The infection actually starts on the skin – usually on the sole of the foot. Here it can lie dormant for many months (even years) undetected. Slowly though the infection will spread onto the underside of the toes and then eventually under the toenails. Usually the big toe or second toenails first. You will notice a yellow-brown discolouration appearing at the end of the toenail which eventually spreads through the whole nail.

Like most things, fungal nail infection is best prevented by early treatment of the skin and nail. Here, at the chiropody surgery this is something we can happily advise you on and offer treatment for. So don’t be ashamed of your toenails, just talk to your podiatrist who will be able to advise on the best way to getting your nails looking healthy and for those summer sandals.

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