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The Chiropody Surgery makes its contribution at a national level

If you seek advice from anyone about your health, you will always want to know that they are “up-to-date” with all the current developments and treatments within their speciality. This is often a requirement for any health professional to remain registered – to demonstrate that their knowledge is current. As podiatrists we are no different and in order to remain registered (licenced to practice) we have to maintain and update our clinical knowledge.

In order to do this, we attend various educational meetings and conferences. This month all of the podiatrists from The Chiropody Surgery headed north to the College of Podiatry Annual Conference. This is the largest Podiatry meeting in Europe attracting 1500 podiatrists from the UK to the 100 plus lectures and presentations occurring over the three days. This year, the podiatry team all contributed to the meeting. Michelle was busy working with our international colleagues from Canada, Australia and the USA in between attending lectures. Louis presented a poster on his current research whilst Ivan Bristow chaired and took part in the foot dermatology sessions.

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