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Have you tried everything to cure your warts and verrucae? Microwave maybe the answer....

Warts on the hands and the feet (also known as verrucae), are often a troubling and persistant problem. They are caused by a virus which is picked up from damp areas - such as changing rooms and swimming pools which leads to the development of hard lumps on the skin known as a wart or verruca.

Most people naturally get rid of their warts within a year or two of contracting them, but for some they can persist and become a problem. Not only are they a cosmetic nusiance and a cause of embarassment but on the feet they can also be a real pain too. Especially when they are on an area of skin which you walk on. This can cause discomfort, pain and throbbing and for some can severely restrict their day-to-day activities.

There are many treatments available for skin warts and verrucae but as most people know who have had them for a long time they can be very stubborn and difficult to treat. Also, treatments such as acids, freezing and having them cut out can be painful, messy and leave scars.

Worked carried out at the University of Southampton, which is shortly being published, has studied the use of a brand new treatment using microwave energy which has shown great potential as a treatment for warts. Microwave energy has many advantages over existing treatments including:

1. Swift application - treatment can be delivered in seconds

2. There is often little or no post-treatment discomfort or pain

3. There is no need for dressings or padding afterwards and you can immediately resume normal activities like swimming and bathing without restrictions

4. The skin remains unbroken

5. There is no need for an injection or anaesthetic

6. Most patients with painful verrucae notice a rapid reduction in pain after treatment

At the Chiropody Surgery we have been using this treatment (known as Swift) for over year and are currently only one of only three treatment centres in the world offering this therapy.

What do our patients think?

We have treated many patients to date and are seeing real results with some very happy patients. Mr A from Hampshire attended our clinic because of a 7mm verruca on the sole of his foot was stopping him from playing his favourite sport - football. It had been here for months despite his best efforts to shift it.

After an assessment and discussion about the various treatments available, he decided to try microwave treatment using the Swift device. After the first treatment he was able to resume his football for the first time in months - completely painfree. After the second treatment, the wart was well on the way to resolving and he had no pain from his foot for the first time in months. The picture above shows the foot after two treatments as the wart is disappearing.

Do you have a wart that just wont go despite your best efforts?

Do you have a verrucae or warts you cannot shift? If so please contact the clinic and have a consultation and discuss if SWIFT may be suitable for you and your wart or verruca.

Contact the clinic on 01590 672 443 to make your appointment

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