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A world first in treating verrucae

Here at the Chiropody Surgery we are very proud to be part of the work involved in the development of a new treatment for verrucae and warts. We have been involved in a 10 month study, approved by the University of Southampton, investigating this new technology for treating this common foot problem. Called “SWIFT” it is a device which harnesses the power of microwaves. Working within seconds, it offers a clean, alternative to some of the older treatments. The device was officially launched at the College of Podiatry Conference in Harrogate earlier this month where Ivan Bristow, presented the results from the study.

Commenting at the conference, Dr Ivan Bristow said “Warts and verrucae are a common problem which can be very difficult to treat. The microwave treatment has proven to be effective and offer many advantages over traditional approaches. The short treatment times means patients can be treated rapidly. Outcomes have been very good”.

Patients at our clinic have been treated with this have been very pleased. The results of the study is currently being submitted for publication in a medical journal. If you have been troubled by warts on your feet that just won’t shift then Swift maybe a treatment worth considering. Please contact us if you would like further information about the treatment.

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