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Have I got a fungal toe nail? Find out in five minutes.....

July 2, 2018

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Getting your feet fit for Winter

No sooner than October arrives and we notice a change in the weather and a drop in temperature! For feet, autumn is a time of change too as we squeeze our feet into closed in shoes for the winter. A shoe that doesn’t fit right can have a few unwanted side-effects. Firstly, pressure around the toes can lead to the development of corns and hard skin, between the toes or most commonly on the outside of the little toe. This can be bothersome as the hard skin builds up and cause discomfort and pain.



Secondly, a shoe is a warm place for your feet but being warm can also stir up fungal infection on the feet. Do you find you have itching in between the toes or notice little splits appearing between your toes? This could be athlete’s foot – a very common infection caused by fungus living on the skin. Left, it can spread over the foot and into the nails but also to other parts of the body or other members of the household! Fortunately, it’s easily treated. Your podiatrist can advise on how to best treat your athlete’s foot and, just as importantly, prevent it from coming back.  




Here at the Chiropody Surgery we are happy to offer advice on all of these things and more, so if you are unsure, make an appointment to come and see us. We can help your keep you feet in top condition!

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