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Getting your feet fit for summer

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So the summer is with us – holidays, sea, sun and sandals! Of course, with sandals comes the need to show off our feet in the good weather. But, many of us are not so keen to expose them to a public audience. A survey conducted on 50 000 adults showed that around 59% of adults have some problem with their feet. In addition, many people are suffering in silence - reluctant to seek treatment due to embarrassment.

If you are feeling like this then it’s a good time to come and make an appointment for a foot check at the Chiropody Surgery. As chiropodists/podiatrists we see a whole range of different foot problems, many of which can be easily treated.

The common foot problems that we see include discoloured nails, hard or cracked skin around the heels, ingrowing toenails, toe problems and verrucae. So, if you are feeling embarrassed don’t be and come and see us.

Top tips for the summer

  • Like your hands, feet can easily get dry to so don’t forget a daily application of moisturiser can help keep the skin on your feet supple and less liable to cracking.

  • When out and about in the sun don’t forget to put the sun block on the top of your feet. This is so often forgotten and unprotected feet can easily suffer painful sunburn.

  • If you go swimming, or for a paddle, remember to dry your feet thoroughly especially between the toes. The fungus that causes athletes foot is common in and around bathing areas and can be easily caught. Drying your feet thoroughly after swimming can reduce the chances of acquiring the infection.

  • Discoloured nails can be a sign of a fungal nail infection. If you notice a creeping colour change to your toenails then seek advice sooner rather than later as the infection can spread through the whole nail and onto other toes. Minor infection is easier to treat than more advanced fungal nail infection.

  • Feet which perspire a lot can be a cause of concern. Sweaty feet are particularly more common in the younger age groups. Regular washing and thorough drying of feet can help but don’t forget to use an anti-perspirant. We use them elsewhere on our body but they can work equally as well on our feet!

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