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Michelle appears in "Ask the Doctor" At Home Article

In this months edition of Ask the Doctor Magazine (pictured below), Michelle Score, owner of the Chiropody Surgery is asked to comment on diabetes and how it can affect the foot.The magazine article talks about a patient who has diabetes and how it affects his feet.

Michelle Score Mag.jpg

Diabetes Mellitus affects 6% of the UK population - thats around 3.2 million people. Often overlooked when discussing the disease, are the effects it can have on the feet. As part of the annual diabetes check it is important to have your feet examined as detecting changes early can prevent complications occurring later,

Commonly people with diabetes are more likely suffer with dry skin on their feet. In itself, for most people that is not an issue but prolonged dryness can lead to the build up of hard skin or lead to cracks appearing on the sole of the foot and around the heels. Any break in the skin for a patient with diabetes is a risk for infection. Treatment of dry skin is often very simple with the regular use of a moisturiser, or emollient which can help re-hydrate the skin making it smooth and help it to repair itself.

If you have diabetes, or just dry skin ask your podiatrist for advice on mositurising your feet. And, as part of your ongoing care at the Chiropody Surgery, we carry out annual foot checks for all our patients with diabetes to ensure your feet stay in tip top condition.

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