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SWIFT has arrived at the Chiropody Surgery

As part of his research, Ivan Bristow for the last six years has been working with Emblation Medical in the design of a brand new device to treat skin problems. We mostly associate the use of microwaves with cooking but the same principles of the technology can be applied to medicine.

Inventors in Scotland came up with a design to create the worlds first portable microwave device which can utilise the power of microwaves which can be delivered into the skin. After many years in development the device has recieved its approval as a medical device, and the Chiropody Surgery has taken delivery of one of only three devices in use the world.

The new technology will be initially used by the Chiropody Surgery in the treatment of warts (verruca). As the name implies the treatment is very quick and compared with traditional therapies such as cryosurgery (freezing) and laser offers many advantages to the user and the patient.

Kiwi popsicle

For more information, please ask your podiatrist.

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