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"Fungal nail infection is a common problem which can affect the toes. It occurs when the fungus that causes athletes foot, gains access under the free edge of the nail and begins to infect the nail bed. Typically, you will notice this as a creeping discolouration, which over weeks or months can spread further into the nail towards the base of your toe".

Ivan, Podiatrist

Fungal nail infection is more common than you think



When the infection occurs, if you see you GP they may suggest taking an oral medication (tablet). This is normally taken for up to four months. The problem with this is that like any tablet it may have side-effects or interact with other medications you may be taking already. Alternatively, you may be offered a nail lacquer or paint to apply onto the nail for up to a year. As the lacquer is applied on the top of the nail surface it can take months to dissolve through the nail to reach the site of infection.


Painless treatment using the Clearanail treatment



After Clearanail treatment you can see the fungally infected nail dissolving and crumbling away leaving a new clear nail to grow through.

The Clearanail system we use at the surgery gives you the best of both worlds. The treatment is painless, does not involve any pills but can act more rapidly than just applying a topical anti-fungal paint or lacquer alone. The Clearanail system, quickly and painlessly makes microscopic holes in your nail plate which means that any applied topical antifungal can work a lot quicker and so the nail improves much more quickly. See the images above of a patient who underwent treatment here at the surgery.


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