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Routine Care


"We take pride in providing a comprehensive treatment including nail care, reduction of any hard skin and personalised individual foot care advice." 


Corns, Callus and Hard Skin


Hard skin is a common problem on the feet. Careful assessment of your feet can explain the reasons for their development. Treatment can help alleviate any symptoms from this common, painful problem.

Skin problems


The feet, like anywhere else, can develop skin problems such as rashes, lumps and bumps. We are able to assess your feet, make a diagnosis and offer treatment and advice for a range of skin conditions such as infections, eczema, psoriasis and many other problems. 

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Verrucae (warts)


Infection of the skin with the Human Papilloma Virus causes warts, a common problem on the foot. Verrucae can be painful, unsightly and difficult to get rid of. At The Chiropody Surgery we offer a range of treatments for these stubborn lesions including the SWIFT system. SWIFT is a new medical device indicated for general use in podiatry and dermatology. Here at the surgery we are using it to treat warts and to accelerate their clearance. 

Problem Nails

We offer treatment and advice for a range of nail problems including thickened and discoloured nails. Fortunately, most of these nail problems can be managed easily (and painlessly) by your podiatrist leaving your feet feeling and looking better. For ingrowing toe nails we can also undertake nail surgery to remove ingrowing toe nails. This is performed painlessly under a local anaesthetic. 

Fungal Nails


Fungal nails are a common cause of nail discolouration and may cause the nail to look unsightly or become weakened and crumble. At The Chiropody Surgery we were the first in the world to offer the "Clearanail" technique - a painless and effective way to remove fungus from within the nail without the need for tablets or expensive laser treatments.


Diabetes can have many effects on the feet. We make sure your feet are regular reviewed and cared for professionally. As part of your treatment, we include an annual assessment to ensure your feet are healthy and top condition. 

Circulatory / Vascular Assessment

At The Chiropody Surgery we have the latest equipment to assess the blood supply to your legs and feet. Where necessary we can listen and measure blood flow in your feet and ankles to help detect the early signs of vascular disease.

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