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Wishing a happy and healthy 2020 for all our patients

Wishing all our patients a very Happy Christmas!

Verruca – what are they?

One of the common foot problems we see at the Chiropody Surgery are verrucae. This short article explains all about them and how they may be treated.

 Verruca (Sole of foot)

So what are they?

The word verruca (plural: verrucae) is a word to describ...

The idea of an ingrowing toenail is often the material of comedians but like most medical conditions, if you have it, it is no laughing matter. Ingrowing toenails are a common foot problem causing pain and discomfort that we see and treat at the Chiropody surgery.


This month is "Foot Health Month" and Spring is definitely the time that feet re-emerge from their winter shoes to more open-toed footwear. At the Chiropody Surgery this is the time of year when we are particularly busy as feet come out of their hibernation, ready for...

20 Feb 2019

Everyday on the news we hear about the risk of infections in hospitals and that antibiotics are no longer effective as they were. In our clinic, its important that we are able to reduce the risk of infection for our patients who may have problems on their feet. This mo...

20 Jan 2019

So here we are in the thick of winter – low temperatures and short days are a cold reminder of the season. So what’s the effect on our feet? Well, chilblains are a common problem and can strike during the colder spells of winter. These have been covered before in our b...

Wishing all our patients a very happy and healthy 2019

Wishing all our patients a very happy Christmas !

Last week, in Bournemouth, Michelle, Louis and Ivan from the Chiropody Surgery attended the College of Podiatry’s Annual Conference. Every year, we attend to make sure we are up to date on all things foot related and practising to a high level. The event has over 100 l...

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